Practitioner Mentor courses

Practitioner Mentor courses are designed as a level course for those new to mentoring practice in their area.

Courses are normally three group days long, six 3-hour sessions, Fast-Track (eLearning and one-day group learning) all are available via online learning.

Mentors then complete a portfolio-based assignment over up to three months to gain the related certification, although in current circumstances these can by hypothetical.

Practitioner Mentor courses in Education or with Young People

Practitioner Preschool Mentor – A course for addressing social and emotional difficulties in preschools.

Practitioner Children’s Mentor – A course for assessing and planning individual or group interventions in primary schools to address social, emotional, behavioural and mental health problems.

Practitioner Young Person’s Mentor – A course for pastoral staff to help assess and plan individual or group interventions to address behaviour, low-level mental health and social-emotional difficulties.

Practitioner Mentor for Careers – Mentoring young people and adults on how to support them in their early career steps.

Practitioner Mentor for Youth – a course for volunteers or employees supporting young people in the community or in school peripatetically.

Practitioner Mentor for Teachers – An accredited course for mentoring student or newly qualified teachers.

Workplace Practitioner Mentor courses

Practitioner Mentor for Apprentices– Learn how to provide the holistic support that new or existing staff need whilst they go through an apprenticeship.

Practitioner Mentor Workplace– A general workplace mentoring course.

Practitioner Mentor for Legal Professionals– A course for middle to senior legal professionals to help them mentor new entrants or younger professionals to aid retention.

Practitioner Mentor in Healthcare – Mentoring beings it’s own challenges in the health sector, there is often a need to deliver technical and pastoral mentoring, this course is ideal for introducing senior support staff to mentoring.

Mentoring with Coaching for Managers – A general programme to teach coaching and mentoring skills to managers, supervisors and leaders in small and medium enterprises.

Business Practitioner Mentor courses

Practitioner Mentor for Business– a course to introduce someone to mentoring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Practitioner Mentor in Sales – a course to accredit mentors in the business development sector.

Other Practitioner Mentor courses

Practitioner Employability and Career Mentor – a course for those supporting learners back into work or with their career development

Practitioner Mentor for Refugees – a course for those supporting refugees or asylum seekers.

Practitioner Life Mentor – empower others by using mentoring to help them to feel success.

Practitioner Mentor in Sports – mentoring within sports brings many complications, as you switch between pastoral support and developing their athletic skills.

Many of these are registered with Ofqual as Level 3 Certificates.

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