Introduction to the Theory of Mentoring

Just what is mentoring? How do you structure a mentoring conversation?

There are many misconceptions about mentoring. Often people think that all is required is to have experience and a passion to share. Unfortunately, this can lead to people thinking they are mentoring, when actually they are either telling others what to do (instructing) or passing on skills (teaching).

Mentoring as a process puts the mentee at the very centre of the work – the mentee sets the agenda and takes ownership of the agreed outcomes. To do this, the mentor makes informed decisions about the approach they will take and whether they even need to share their own experience if the mentee does not need it.

This short course is designed to give a basic introduction to mentoring. After the course you can chose to complete the course quiz and download the certificate for a small fee. If you would like to become a qualified mentor, then please take a look at our Practitioner Mentor Programmes.

Download the workbook:

Part 1 – Building a Trusting Relationship

Part 2 – Types of Mentoring and Ending a Mentoring Relationship

Part 3 – Good Practice for Mentors

Part 4 – Confidentiality and Unconscious Bias

If you would like to receive a certificate for completing this course, then access to the assessment quiz and downloadable certificate can be purchased using the link below.