Levels of Mentoring

There are 8 levels of Mentoring recognised by The Mentoring School.

These are:

First Level


A mentor at this level has a basic awareness of what mentoring is and relies on their own people skills. They may have done a short awareness course, for example an online course.
Second Level


Someone who uses their experience and people to skills to mentor someone. They may have completed a one-day course in Mentoring Psychology.
Third Level


A Mentor who has taken a recognised Course and been assessed as meeting the level of knowledge and reflection required.
Fourth Level

Advanced Practitioner

This is a Mentor who has enhanced their Third Level Qualification with further modules. They may train lower level Mentors.
Fifth Level


This is a Mentor who has used their learning about Mentoring to produce academic papers with The Mentoring School and a university.
Sixth Level


A Mentor at this level will work with The Mentoring School community to undertake field based research in best practice mentoring.
Seventh Level


Seventh Level Mentors are masters of Mentoring, they have spent thousands of hours studying the subject and are seen as experts within The Mentoring School community. They would be involved in writing lower Level qualifications.
Eighth Level

Game Changer

An Eighth Level Mentor uses their skills to help others to train people to deliver Mentor Qualifications. They are involved in work with the Founder of The Mentoring School to impact Mentoring practice around the world.

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