About Mentoring

Q&A (What is mentoring?)

What is a Mentor? A mentor is a trusted and experienced advisor who trains and counsels less experienced people. They listen, offer advice and guide a mentee as they work through their own difficulties. What are the benefits of Mentoring? Mentoring has been shown to help develop individuals within all kinds of organisations at all […]

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Levels of Mentoring

There are 8 levels of Mentoring recognised by The Mentoring School. These levels were written by Richard Daniel Curtis in 2018, these levels help to establish the type of mentor required for different situations. It also helps mentors to understand the level they are working at and their developmental opportunities. 8 Levels of Mentoring Awareness

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Mentor’s Mantra

Every mentor recognises that it can be challenging to structure conversations to aid problem solving. The Mentor’s Mantra was developed by Richard Daniel Curtis to provide a structure for how a mentor can facilitate such conversations. These four steps feature daily part of a mentor’s work and make a huge difference to the way that support

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