Welcome to The Mentoring School

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Welcome to the home of international standard for mentor training. We deliver online and in-person mentor programmes at a range of different levels:

  • awareness – short courses to highlight key points;
  • practitioner – programmes to teach the necessary skills to be a qualified mentor;
  • advanced practitioner – programmes to explore the underlying theories that inform mentoring.

We work with employers, charities, schools, colleges, universities, training providers, public sector organisations, corporates, consultants and governments.

The Mentoring School is devoted to raising standards in mentoring by putting in place syllabuses for different levels of mentoring.

For years, anyone has been able to call themselves a mentor, there have been very few standards. People working or volunteering as mentors have had very little opportunity to learn about the underlying principles of trust and safety vital for effective mentoring relationships. On top of that, some leadership and management organisations have encouraged people to view mentoring as a step down from coaching.

Founded in 2016, The Mentoring School has become the recognised name for mentoring training, both in the UK and internationally. Able to offer the delivery of a range of mentoring courses in different sectors, they also work with partner organisations to help them to deliver recognised mentor courses.

From 2018 they have been able to list certified mentors on the international public database, the Register of Mentors.

The underlying principles of mentoring are the same, regardless of the sector. For example, the structure of a supportive mentoring conversation is the same. This enables The Mentoring School to be able to provide courses in pastoral mentoring in many different fields.

Many mentors deliver technical mentoring – teaching someone less experienced the skills they require. Their work is incredibly valuable, however is only a small part of mentoring. Developing and nurturing the personal development of a whole person, helping them overcome the barriers they are facing based on relevant experience is a major part of the wider field of mentoring. This is known as pastoral mentoring.