Peer Mentoring Courses

Primary School Peer Mentoring

A one-day training session to train a member of staff to deliver a peer mentoring course to Key Stage 2 pupils.

Secondary, FE and HE Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring for students in higher levels of education. Suitable for training existing students to support other pupils.

Two routes

Non-qualification route covering 

  • the need in their setting
  • about their own skills
  • managing emotions
  • listening
  • structured conversations
  • organising mentoring
  • good practice as mentors

The trainer assesses the student’s workbook and awards the certificate.

Level 2 Peer Mentoring Award qualification covering 

  • what is peer mentoring
  • mentoring relationships
  • mentoring sessions
  • good practice as mentors
  • progress in mentoring
  • record keeping
  • referrals
  • reflective practice

The students complete a handbook as they work through the course, which becomes their reference guide for mentoring moving forwards. After each session they complete 2-3 questions in a Word portfolio, which is emailed back to us for the qualification.

It may be more cost effective to train someone who would be able to deliver the training there and then we just assess the pupils.

Peer Mentoring for those with Complex Needs

We are able to deliver a one-day training session to support a trainer delivering a seven-unit scheme of work in peer mentoring to those with complex needs, such as:

  • refugees,
  • homeless,
  • those with mental health problems,
  • prisoners,
  • addicts,
  • and more…

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.