Mentoring and Coaching Questions

Coaching questions

What do you think the barriers are to…

How could you address that problem?

How do you suggest this matter is approached ?

What do you think you could do next?

Have you had a similar experience that you can reflect on and use?

Where do you want to be in 1 years time?

Have you seen someone else tackle this before?

Which are the challenges?

When you have achieved this, what was the step you did before you got there? And the step before…

Mentoring questions

Would you like me to share an experience with you?

Lets talk about the problem you are facing with ….

Would you like me to go through your options with you?

Shall we do it together?

Would you like me to give you some feedback?

How happy or content are you with things at the moment ?

Are there any barriers?

Are you happy in the current position?

What do you think is the best approach for you?

What aspect of my experience do you want to draw on?

What is your goal/ambition?

How are things at the moment?