Virtual practice sessions

Going on training is very good for developing the underlying knowledge and basic skills of mentors.  We recognised that to make the most effective mentors, there needs to be a step beyond that.

To develop the practical skills, mentors require opportunities to try different styles, explore various approaches and develop their own personal style.

Until now that has involved dreaded role-play in the classroom or trial and error with mentees – a huge risk for any organisation.

Increasing the impact of your mentors

The Mentoring School have partnered with Connect Training to provide online practice sessions with trained actors role-playing mentees.

We have trained their actors to be able to role-play eight different scenarios (suitability for different types of mentor is included in the overviews):

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5 Scenario 6 Scenario 7 Scenario 8

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