The Apprentice Journal Pack

The Apprentice Journal Pack helps you to:

  • Empower your apprentices
  • Help them take responsibility for their development
  • Promote their independence and engagement in their course
  • Embed ERR and Prevent into their daily practices, not just a task they have to do
  • Improve the induction your apprentices receive
  • Improve your retention and completion rates
  • Reduce the amount of chasing and hand-holding you need to do

The Journal helps your apprentices to record:

  • Their induction
  • Important health and safety/policy/staff handbook points
  • Notes from observations and shadowing
  • Identify their additional training needs
  • Notes from their mentoring meeting
  • Notes and targets from their Progress Reviews and Milestone meetings
  • And their FULL 20% off-the-job records

The courses in the pack help your apprentices to:

  • Know what to expect during their induction
  • Understand what they need to be doing during the first few weeks of their course
  • Take responsibility for their progress
  • Ask questions to progress their learning
  • Understand the difference between mentoring and management sessions
  • Know how to prepare for their mentoring sessions
  • Take responsibility for their own action plans
  • Know what they need to do to engage in their learning

Helping your apprentices to:

  • Make the most of their apprenticeship and be more engaged
  • To understand how to get the benefit from mentoring sessions.

Take the stress and pressure away from your team by empowering your apprentices.

Are these problems familiar?

  • Apprentices who don’t remember what was discussed at their progress review?
  • Those who complete their mandatory ERR and Prevent units, but then can’t recall the key lessons?
  • Staff having to cover the same ground time after time?
  • Staff having to hand-hold apprentices through every step of their coursework?
  • You needing to remember your apprentice’s deadlines?

We do not want to duplicate your existing paperwork that your staff have to chase apprentices to complete, we want to help you to motivate your apprentices to want to show you their progress (in fact with the online version you can view it).

Can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy as a material overhead:

1 – The employer orders via the Training Provider

2 – We invoice the Training Provider

3 – The Training Provider records the additional cost of materials in their monthly data return for each Learner

For your apprentices, this ensures that they get the induction and ongoing support that they need.

Available in a 62 page A4 format or a 100 page A5 Journal. Both are printed on thick 160gsm pages, with 300gsm covers to make them durable and something for your apprentice to take care of.

Don’t let your apprentice be one of the 48% who feel their employer does not support them.

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The Apprentice Journal, just £45 + VAT, including:

  • The Apprentice Journal (A4 or A5)
  • Online course – How to make the most of your apprenticeship
  • Online course – Being a good mentee
  • FREE online course – How to mentor apprentices


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