The European Apprentice Journal Pack

Helping you to engage and support your new apprentices

Huge emphasis is being placed on apprenticeships across the EU.
In addition, workplace practices and support are vital for good apprenticeships. This means that it is vital that the practices are outstanding and making a real difference to the apprentice.
Richard Daniel Curtis, a behaviour expert, looked at this problem with the support of several apprentice training providers. He wrote a Journal to empower the apprentice to be able to take responsibility for tracking their own progress through their apprenticeship.
Now, the multi-award-winning team at The Mentoring School have taken the European Apprentice Journal and developed a package for apprentices around it, including online training.
The Pack compliments your current induction and support by providing your apprentices with the opportunity to write the important points from your existing package in order to embed it into a physical book they use each week.


  • Empower your apprentices
  • Help them take responsibility for their development
  • Promote their independence and engagement in their course
  • Improve the induction your apprentices receive
  • Improve your retention and completion rates
  • Reduce the amount of chasing and hand-holding you need to do

Helps you meet the criteria of
The European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships

Buying the book

Prices start as low as €8 for the journal, depending on the quantity ordered.  A minimum order is 5 journals, priced at €100 + delivery.

What’s included in the pack?

For just €70 + VAT your apprentice will get:

  1. An A4 or A5 physical journal
  2. Making the Most of Your Apprenticeship – an online course
  3. Being a Good Mentee – an online course

What’s in each part?

Apprentice Journal contents:
• Induction timetable
• Expectations
• Key dates
• Staff handbook
• Health and Safety
• Shadowing
• Policies
• Apprenticeship quality check
• Employment satisfaction
• Additional development needs
• Equality and diversity
• Additional training
• Development record
• Progress reviews
• Mentoring sessions

Making the Most of your Apprenticeship contents:
• Induction
• Learning on the job
• Dealing with the workload
• Dealing with meetings
• Enjoying your apprenticeship and thinking long-term

Being a Good Mentee contents:
• What is Mentoring?
• What to expect
• Action planning
• Preparing for a mentoring session

Download more information: European Apprentice Journal Pack

How do I find out more?

Please contact Richard on +442381 120010 or to find out more or get a sample.

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