Advanced Mentoring

A Level 4 Qualification for those who have completed a practitioner mentor qualification to study the underlying theories of mentoring and coaching in more depth. This course helps professionals to reflect on their mentoring experiences and understand the principles underpinning these experience, consequently improving them. The programme is assessed by a portfolio due within four months of starting the course.

Mandatory units

  • Foundations of Mentoring – a module focussed on the underlying theories of the mentoring (and coaching) relationship.
    • Stages of mentoring relationships
    • Functions of mentoring
    • Successful pairings
  • The Mentoring Approach – a module focussed on the impact of your support for the mentee.
    • Types of mentoring and coaching approach
    • Purposes of relationships
    • Developmental and clear activities
  • Reflective Practice – a module focussed on reflecting on your own practice and self-development opportunities provided by supporting others.
    • Mentoring dispositions
    • Emotions
    • Developing others
    • Self-development
  • Researching a Mentoring Topic – a module focussed on supporting you to research a topic related to the support that you give others.
    • Undertaking research
    • Applying research outcomes
    • Impact of the research

Optional units (different versions)

  • Mentoring
  • Mentoring with Coaching
  • Apprentice Mentoring
  • Career and Employability Mentoring
  • Child and Young Person Mentoring

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3-4 months

Difficulty: Advanced

Course introduction

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