Richard Curtis

Consultancy, Review and Set Up

As internationally respected experts in good mentoring practice, The Mentoring School are uniquely placed to be able to offer consultancy, review of existing mentor schemes and support the set-up of new schemes. Consultancy Advice Assessment of need Operation Supervision Review Effectiveness Pairing and initiation process Operation of mentoring sessions Supervision Outcome recording Set-up Identify the …

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The European Apprentice Journal Pack

Helping you to engage and support your new apprentices Huge emphasis is being placed on apprenticeships across the EU. In addition, workplace practices and support are vital for good apprenticeships. This means that it is vital that the practices are outstanding and making a real difference to the apprentice. Richard Daniel Curtis, a behaviour expert, …

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The Apprentice Journal Pack

The Apprentice Journal Pack helps you to: Empower your apprentices Help them take responsibility for their development Promote their independence and engagement in their course Embed ERR and Prevent into their daily practices, not just a task they have to do Improve the induction your apprentices receive Improve your retention and completion rates Reduce the …

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Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is the concept of training young or new employees to help move a company or organisation forward. Using their experience in the modern world, Reverse Mentors give senior staff have the opportunity to review their operations, policies and even their offering. Informal training for Reverse Mentors has existed for several years, but this …

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Peer Mentoring Courses

Primary School Peer Mentoring A one-day training session to train a member of staff to deliver a peer mentoring course to Key Stage 2 pupils. Secondary, FE and HE Peer Mentoring Peer mentoring for students in higher levels of education. Suitable for training existing students to support other pupils. Two routes Non-qualification route covering  the …

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Awareness Courses

Awareness courses last for approximately half a day (or 3 or 4 sessions). They are designed to cover the basics in the theory of mentoring, such as: The Mentor’s Mantra The difference between mentoring and coaching Boundaries Establishing trust Good practice for mentors Attendees are not tested and receive a printable attendance certificate. Mentoring Awareness …

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Other courses

We are able to provide ancillary courses to support mentoring, these include: Unconscious Bias – 4 hour Unconscious Bias – weekend Personality styles Mindfulness Meditation Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Accreditation of mentors

Mentors who pass the online test at the end of their course will be given accreditation for a year on the international Register of Mentors.   This public database is maintained by the International Mentor Network, a community of mentoring excellence.  It’s purpose is to provide a professional search engine of accredited mentors. Those listed …

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Advanced Mentoring courses

Mentors who are experienced in an area, are able to study mentoring in their field at a more in-depth level on these 12-18 month courses. Advanced Mentor in Workplaces Advanced Mentor for Legal Professionals Advanced Mentor for Business Advanced Mentor in Sales Advanced Mentor for Youth Advanced Mentor in Social, Emotional and Mental Health Advanced …

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Bespoke training days

Sometimes you want to pass on mentoring knowledge to a large number of staff without the rigmarole of pre-Learning, assessments or certification. It might be to refresh their skills or just give them a basic awareness. Tailored mentor training Our bespoke training days offer core a selection of mentoring topics tailored to your bespoke needs. …

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